Video Blackjack

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Video Blackjack just like Vegas!

A deluxe hirezversion of the video Blackjack game found in casinos. Play this popular game just like in Vegas!

  •  FREE! For fun, real money is NOT used and there are NO in-app purchases.
  • Rebuy at any time for FREE! There are NO daily limits!
  • 4 different “machines” to play on (swipe left or right to switch machines).
  • Different machines have old/modern cards, backgrounds, different betting amounts, different limits and different rule variations. (Long press ‘Help’ for details).
  • “Let it Ride!” available. Double your bet by betting your winnings and let it ride!
  • Basic stats available in menu.

The Machines:

♥ “The Klondpike” ─ This machine has been around longer than most of the casinos. Old, burned screen and low limits but it malfunctions! ─ A game feature that causes it to go “haywire“.

♣ “The Palace Depot” ─ A nice older style machine where they still have 99¢ breakfast specials.

♠ “The North Point” ─ Not the strip and not downtown. A modern machine with standard bet limits.

♦ “The Milogire” ─ A high end machine for higher rollers.


Download from Google Play or Amazon for FREE!