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Updated Triangle Calculator

We’ve updated our Triangle Calculator with a minor yet important change. • Added the three dot menu to the screen. • New menu screen. • Added Russian localization. We have it localized in 8 languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean and now Russian. If any of our translations are wrong, please let us […]

Updated Fry Words

We’ve updated Fry Words and Fry Words 2. WHAT’S NEW v2.0 * Fixed Samsung Tab A 8.0 layout – wasn’t showing correctly * tweaked some other layouts * removed old menu and added a settings button and screen * tweaked scroll bar to be more visible * app link buttons Available on Google Play and Amazon.

Updated Math Flash Cards

We’ve updated Math Flash Cards with some new features. WHAT’S NEW v3.1 * added the number range line to the Number Range screen This will hopefully make editing the number range screen a little more clear. v3.0 * New: increase number range, add & subtract goes up to 50, multiply & divide up to 20 * […]