New! One Hundred Play Poker

We just released our latest multi-hand video poker game: One Hundred Play Poker! One Hundred hand for one hundred times…

Fry Words 2 updated

Our Fry Words 2 has now been updated. These are the second 500 most common words used in English ranked…

Fry Words updated

Our Fry Words has just been updated. Expanding on the Dolch list, Dr. Edward B. Fry created a new list…

Sight Words Updated

Sight Words has been updated. • Add sound icon to adjust volume. Long press to mute. • Fixed touch-card response….

November 31 Sale 2019

It’s our November 31 sale.  Some of our paid (ad-free) educational word apps are FREE!. Sight Words and Fry Words….

Video Poker Updated

We’ve updated our Video Poker.  As always it’s free to play, no waiting for coins and no in-app purchases. Over…

New! Fifty Play Poker

We just release a new game: Fifty Play Poker! Fifty hands for fifty times the action! As always it’s free!…

Triple Play Poker updated

Our Triple Play Poker has been updated. Three hands for three times the action!. • Updated UI • New artwork

Five & Ten Play Poker updated

We made some small updates to both Five Play and Ten Play Poker. • For Deuces Wild, we updated the…

Twenty-Five Play Poker updated

Our Twenty-Five Play has been updated. Twenty-five hands for twenty-five times the actions. Minor bugs fixes and improvements.

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